Your Titleholders 2020

Mike James
ALM 2019

Mike was born and raised in Sydney and spent eight years after school working and travelling around the world, all seven continents!  Since returning to Sydney, Mike has built a solid friendship foundation with fellow kinksters, focused on getting involved and giving back to this community.

His fiancé Pete has been a strong supporter of Mike and the leather/fetish community, and Mike enjoys introducing him to the Sydney scene such as The HIDE and Non-Denominational Leather drinks both held bi-monthly in Sydney. 

Quick to spark a friendship with newbies and make people feel welcome, he is also able to advocate for those who need a little help. With extensive overseas experiences, he learnt that labels only serve to box people in. and now with an open mind and plenty to give identifies as a bisexual switch leather Alpha pup!! His pup calling comes from always trying to (consensually) push boundaries, and testing limits.

He has interests in rope bondage, CBT, mummification, gear, edge play, milking, scent play and the list grows, recently getting into rubber alongside his fiancé, so their spare room is getting mighty full!

Mike is now involved in the Qantas Inclusion and diversity group at my work place and enjoys giving back through these facets of my life.  Mike is also an admin of a facebook group gear365 movement  launched by a gear brother Cal Rider – which gave him the first confidence to wear gear in public. Mike recently contributed to the running of  Sir’s Lair .

He has established a solid International profile though his attendance at IML Chicago, Fetish Week London, Manchester Rubber Week, Gear365 Social Media Admin 2018 and has been features on Recon 2018

Here in Australia, Mike has been seen at Melbourne’s Code Black (AWOL) and with Sydney’s Boys on Bikes and soon in the coat check crew for Extra Dirty to fundraise for local events

Through participating in Australian Leatherman, Mike has expressed the follow aims: 

  1. Most importantly, further develop and learn more about himself, with a genuine driving force to have and be part of the leather brotherhood (Australia and IML)
  2. Giving back to the community that has been his foundation
  3. Be visible in the community as a contributor and role model and continue to learn.
  4. To add a voice and continue to advocate for inclusion for all (non-cis male)

James Overton

A lover of sports James decided to take up rugby in his early 20’s and now plays with the current world champions in gay rugby. He was voted best player during the 2016 Nashville tour and also received the president award.

Rugby aside, James enjoys recreational bodybuilding and keeping fit and healthy.

James also has an appreciation the arts and music, singing professionally from his early teens into adulthood and playing several instruments including Guitar, piano and violin. He also likes to sew, creating many a costume for the various events and social gatherings he takes place in.

James has been an active contributing member in number of facets of the Gay and Leather communities including working on branding and media work for Sydney Leather and Fetish social The Hide, the fetish party Trough in Sydney and as Key organizer for the Poof Doof Melbourne Mardi Gras float for the last 5 years in a row

On a wider field, he has been a driving force in Fundraising Event Organizer, and Committee member for the Sydney Convicts Gay Rugby club for the last 4 years including the travel and fundraising committee for 2 overseas tours to Nashville and Amsterdam.

James finds time to volunteer and assist with the SAX fetish media and marketing campaign, The Hide. Trough Sydney as a Volunteer and a Member of both Mardi Gras and Sydney Convicts Rugby.

Alex Summer
AMBB 2019

His early interest in boots and leather care was noted by his current Co-Sir who has mentored and guided him on the techniques and traditions of Boot Blacking.

He is always anxious to learn and seek training and from key community figures around Australia to augment the skills taught by his Co-Sir.

Alex loves to learn and continue to learn throughout his experiences and in addition to being part of a number of online Boot Black community groups, Alex has regular monthly Shine commitments to shine boots at Harbour City Bears Leather pop-up at Kinselas, and also various events and locations for the Leather, Fetish & Kink community.

Alex believes he will be a good representative of the fetish community because he takes pride in everything he does, fetish or otherwise and comes with an open mind and an open heart.

He dedication is best summed up in the comment he made: “If given the opportunity to carry out this title, I will, with respect, love and honesty to the best of my ability.”