Scoring the Australian Leatherman Competition

Contestants in the Australian Leatherman competition will be scored using the following guidelines


The judges are titleholders and/or other prominent members of the leather community. In order to ensure fairness in selecting the winners of the contest, the Olympic Scoring System will be used. In the event of a tie, the non-Olympic scores (without the high/low exclusions) will be used to determine the winner. If both the Olympic and non-Olympic scores are tied, the judging panel will meet to break the tie.

The TallyMaster’s final scoring sheet may be examined, upon request by contestants immediately following the contest and copies of their final scoring will be mailed to contestants at their request.

Contestants and judges will be identified on the scoring sheets only by their numbers and letters (respectively). Keep in mind that judges do not necessarily look for the most handsome face, most muscular and/or erotic body, but rather the person who best typifies the ideal Leatherman.

This involves the personal subjective judgment of each contestant’s leather image, physical appearance, attitude, personality, self-assurance, and “presence”.

The ALM Board reserves the right to limit the number of contestants and/or impose an early elimination cut based upon partial judging to ensure the contest will be completed within the time frame allowed at the contest venue.


Contestants and judges may fraternize informally in public situations. Private meetings between judges and contestants during the contest weekend are absolutely prohibited.

Any personal sexual contact between judges and contestants during the contest weekend are absolutely prohibited.

Any behavior that might create even the appearance of bias will be brought to the attention of the other judges, who will decide if the disqualification of the judge and/or contestant would be prudent.

To avoid accidental violation of propriety, all contestants and judges must display their respective identification badges whenever they are in public places during the contest weekend.

The ALM Board recognizes that the nature of the gay/lesbian leather community in Australia allows many of us to know one another in a variety of ways.


In the event that Australian Leatherman competition is limited to a single contestant, that contestant must score a minimum of 75% of the total possible points (150 out of 200). Should a contestant in this situation fail to earn the minimum number of points required, the title in question will not be awarded.

The ALM Board reserve the right to deviate from this procedure if they feel the circumstances warrant further consideration.


Contestants in the Australian Leatherman competition will be scored in the following four categories: There will be 5 judged categories – 200 points maximum<

Special Note:  Under New South Wales law, no genitalia shall be shown in public, or in pre-judging interviews.

 Friday “Meet & Greet” Networking: (Maximum 40 points)

Contestants will be observed by judges during the Friday evening “Meet & Greet” event, in an effort to begin to learn how each behaves and reacts in a social situation with other members of their community.

Contestants will appear on stage in bar wear of their choice. They will be introduced to the audience and just make a brief statement (2 minutes max.) about themselves, their involvement in the leather community, and how they would represent their new title if they are chosen as the winner. Each will be asked a predetermined question by the Emcee, and will give an answer not to exceed two minutes.

 Interview and Pre-judging: (Maximum 60 points)

Individually, contestants will meet with the full panel of judges and respond to whatever questions asked. This interview will take place in private (off stage), without any audience. Attire should be comfortable, casual leather wear.

On-Stage Contestant Introduction/ Formal Leather Image: (Maximum 40 points)

Contestants will appear on stage in formal leather attire of their choice. After all contestants have been introduced, each judge writes down one score (0 to 40 – whole numbers only) for all contestant’s Leather Image. The tally masters collect the Leather Image score sheets.

Jock Strap On-Stage: (Maximum 20 points)

Contestants will appear in what they feel to be their “hottest” jock strap or football shorts, . Unlike many other contests, this segment is not an “exotic fashion show” or “body competition”, but an exploration of our leather lifestyle, and will be judged as such. Each contestant should try to emphasize, by their choice of a jock strap, what they think looks the “hottest” to the audience and judges.

Contestants are reminded that the law requires no genitalia showing and a jock to have a “butt strap” approx 15-20 mm wide.

 Presentation Skills (Speech): (Maximum 40 points)

Each contestant will be asked to present a 90 second speech on a topic of their choice.
( Note: the microphone will be turned off at the 90 second mark).

During each contestant giving their speech, each judge writes down one score (0 to 40 – whole numbers only) for each finalist’s presentation skills. Judges keep these score sheets until all contestants have presented their speech. The tally masters collect all the presentation skills score sheets.


The primary duty of the winners is to represent Australian Leatherman Inc in the Leather/Fetish and gay communities in Australia and support State and Local Titleholders where possible as traveling ambassadors.

The winner of Australian Leatherman and Australian Mr Bootblack will be able to advance to an international competition: International Mr. Leather (IML) or International Mr Bootblack (IMBB).. Any additional international leather titles may also be acceptable upon approval by ALM.

Australian Leatherman and Australian Mr Bootblack may not compete for any titles which would be considered below the State level. This includes but is not limited to: bar titles, city/county titles, campground titles.

While ALM Board would be pleased to have the Australian Leatherman and Australian Mr Bootblack advance to a higher level of competition within the greater leather community, it is also understood that issues of employment, finance, health, etc. may preclude titleholders from doing so responsibly or comfortably. Please discuss any concerns with the ALM Board.

We believe that the title year experience should be a positive one for both the titleholder and the community. We also believe that the most important obligation of our titleholders is to actively work to promote the leather lifestyle and the community within their home state and where possible across the country.

One of the foremost expectations of the winner, is that during their title year, they will conduct themselves as positive role models. Flagrant violation of this expectation may result in forfeiture of their titles.

What you are not able to do:

  • Australian Leatherman and Mr BootBlack title holders are not authorized to endorse any cause, product, political party, individual or other activity without the express permission of Australian Leatherman Inc.
  • “Go-Fund-Me” and similar campaigns are not permitted without the approval of the Finance Director of ALM.
  • There are also limitations on the use of the names, logos and trademarks of ALM, Australian Leatherman, Australian Mr Bootblack. These may not be used in any alternate image, derivative design or applied to any commercial image without prior approval in writing.
  • In addition to raising funds to cover their own travels, the winners are encouraged to help with fund raising projects or promotional work for worthy causes for a non-profit organization of their choice.
  • Any cause or non-profit MUST be approved in writing by ALM: let us know what you are thinking about – maybe we can help!.

 During the title year, the titleholder is expected to attend local LGBTI Pride Events and all ALM fundraisers and events wearing sash or other appropriate title gear denoting their status as AUSTRALIAN LEATHERMAN or AUSTRALIAN Mr BOOTBLACK.

At the conclusion of their Title Year, the winner will return to act as a Judge for the subsequent Australian Leatherman/Australian Mr Bootblack Competition.