The Contest opens with the Meet & Greet followed by the Gear/Kink Party and is the first public event of Australian Leatherman 2018. It takes place on Friday evening, February 23 after Registration and Orientation. Contestants will be given specific assembly time and details at the orientation.

The purpose of this event is to introduce the judges and the contestants to the public. The event transitions in to the Gear/Kink Party during which you will be able to mingle with the guest and interact with your Community. This part is judged and the scores contribute to your over all score and give the judges an idea of who is comfortable and engaging and might be an ideal ALM2018

During Opening Ceremonies you will be lined up Alphabetically by last name, you will be introduced and then you will select your number for ALM.

The specifics on order and stage directions will be covered in your rehearsal time.

These general guidelines may change, but are presented here to give you an idea of the simple staging. Specific staging instructions will be given at the rehearsal.

Contestants are guided by staff to the event, prepared by staff prior to walking on stage, and met by staff upon exiting the stage.

Your choice of attire is optional. No change of attire is required unless you choose for the Gear/Kink Party.

Your Den Daddy & Handler will advise you where and when to report for your interview before you are dismissed from this event.