Main Contest

This event is open to the public and will take place on Saturday evening, February 25, 2017. Contestants will be given specific assembly time and location at the Friday orientation.

The judges score your performance on stage. (See scoring system.)

The purpose of this event is the presentation of your physique, stage presence, and public speaking ability to the judges and the audience.

For your first appearance, you will walk on stage as your name is announced, take up your position, and remain there until all Contestants are on the stage with you. All Contestants will then exit the stage.

For your second appearance, you will enter the stage in your Preliminary Judging group, and take your assigned place. You have the run of the stage as you are introduced with information taken from your Contestant Profile. At the end of the introduction, you will spontaneously answer a question asked by the MC, and return to your place among your group. After the entire group has finished, you will exit the stage.

All contestants will be brought back on stage a final time. This will end the event.

These general guidelines may change, but are presented here to give you an idea of the simple staging. Specific staging instructions will be given at the stage rehearsal.

Contestants are guided by staff to the event, prepared by staff prior to walking on stage, and met by staff upon exiting the stage.

You are expected to dress in whatever you believe shows your physique to full advantage. Contestants can plan on a maximum of three changes. Changes of attire are not required.

Contestants will be given specific assembly time and location at the Friday orientation.

Bring all your gear you plan to wear/use with you when you arrive as you will remain with us until after the end of the Contest. You may plan your attire around the following appearances:

  1. Introduction of each contestant (All contestants – your choice of attire)
  2. Speech (formal full attire)
  3. Physique ( jock, shorts, etc)
  4. Announcement of winners (Your choice of attire; formal recommended)

If there are any changes to these appearances, you will be notified at the Thursday orientation.

The theater dressing rooms are located on the second floor, so be prepared to negotiate stairs throughout the contest. If stairs are a problem for you, contact AUSLeather for special arrangements. Other than translators and interpreters, you may not bring anyone to assist you. Staff is present throughout the contest to assist you.

A complete contest rehearsal takes place at the Venue. At this time you learn your placements on stage and run through each stage appearance.

Water is available backstage throughout the contest. You are encouraged to bring additional solids and liquids for your private consumption. Remember to bring any medications you may need since you do not return to your hotel until late evening.

Each contestant delivers a 90-second speech to the audience on a topic of his choice. A digital countdown clock is visible to you. At 91 seconds the microphone will automatically shut off. The microphone can be removed from its stand.