Contestant Update 2



ALM is a ticketed Event at a Licensed Venue and conforms to the State Laws, OLGA requirements, and the express wishes of the Venue Management & Licensee. It also mirrors the requirements for the International Finals in Chicago. ALM Inc also determines the standards expected for the contests.

As outlined in the Contestant Guidelines, contestants may plan their attire around the following appearances:

  1. Introduction of each contestant (All contestants – your choice of attire; leather recommended, sash, medal, title vest…)
  2. Leather Image scoring follows right after announcement of finalists.
  3. Speech – wear what best represents you and your message.
  4. Physique – erotic ware, jock (with a butt strap), shorts, etc.
  5. Announcement of winners – All contestants on stage (your choice of attire; leather recommended as this is a press/photography moment.

If there are any changes to these appearances, Contestants will be notified at the orientation.

There are to be no exposed “body parts” including “the internal anal region”. Typically, a jock of some style is chosen by many contestants and worn in the Physique Section with the addition of a narrow strap between the buttocks to give the effect of being “bare assed” yet addressing the above prescribed requirements. If in doubt, ask.