As a contestant in Australian Leatherman, you must report to registration/orientation at:

Basement Bar
Beauchamp Hotel
267 Oxford St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Friday, February 23, 2018 at 19:00 PM

Upon arrival, a Contestant Handler will assist you in completing your paperwork. You will be asked to verify specific information used in making your contestant badge, the contest program insert, and contestant address list. Bring at least one piece of legal photo identification (driver’s license, passport) with you to Registration/Orientation.

You will meet the ALM photographer and make a photo shoot appointment with him. Our photographer will provide you with general and specific information pertaining to your photo shoot.

Contestant orientation will be held immediately following registration. Weekend events will be discussed, and your questions will be answered. Each judge as well as various staff members will be introduced to you.

You will pick your contestant number at Orientation. Your contestant number determines:

  • the order in which you appear for your interview
  • the order you appear at Physique & Stage Presence
  • the order you appear on stage at the ALM contest

What you choose to wear for this event is optional. There will be time to socialize with contestants and judges.

See the ALM photographer to adjust your photo shoot if your scheduled time conflicts with that of your Interview.