This year, AUSLeather brings with it the annual Australian Bootblack competition. Bootblacks come from all over to offer their services of boot- and leather-care to AUSLeather attendees. Each weekend package contains a ballot which the holder can exchange for a boot shine or leather conditioning with the Bootblack Contestant of their choice. Ballots may be cast for a contestant without getting one’s boots shined, if one prefers.

In 2013, IML implemented a judging system to supplement the balloting system. Balloting still makes up a significant portion of each contestant’s final score, so don’t forget to tuck your ballot in your wallet, stop by, have your boots done, and see why bootblacking is such a big deal for many people. If you’ve never had your boots worked on before, you’re in for a treat.

AUSLeather is introducing this opportunity for Australian Bootblacks

Balloting begins with the opening of the Pop-up Leather Bar on Friday evening at noon on Friday and continues through 4:00 pm on Saturday.

Open shining

  •     Located in the Leather Pop-up Bar     Friday, 1900-0100
  •     Saturday Contest Venue:                           11 am – 4 pm