2019 Judges

The JUDGES 2019

Mr Australian & NZ Leather 2009
Finalist in IML #30

Pierre Brand became involved in the Brisbane Leather scene around a decade ago with the local leather social club, BootCo. He won the title of Mr Queensland Leather in 2008, then went on to become the first Mr Australia & New Zealand Leather in 2009. With this title he competed at IML 31 in Chicago and finished in the top 20. 

Pierre then took on the role of President of Boot Co in 2009 for the next 3 years. During his time as President he aimed to encourage younger members of the community to become more involved in the club. He also encouraged more of a variety of kink and fetishes with themed nights. It was also during this time that a lot of progress was made to include trans guys.
As Mr Queensland Leather and later as President, he was closely involved in the birth of Brisbane Leather Pride. He also encouraged the pup scene in Queensland to grow and become more accepted.”
Pierre is a Founding Board Member and currently serves on the Board


Australian Leatherman 2018

>James Davidson is Australian Leatherman 2018 and represented Australia at International Mr Leather 2018. 

He hails from Adelaide South Australia where he a committee member of the Adelaide Leather and Fetish and Co-Organizer for the South Australian Pups and Handers. James volunteers for SAMESH (SA Mobilization + Empowerment for Sexual Health) a community sexual health organization. He was an organizer of the Inaugural Adelaide Fetish Weekend –GEAR’d

James enjoys socializing with other leathermen in the kink community. When organizing pup and handler events he particularly enjoys breaking in those new to the pup play.

When there is spare time James enjoys gaming on his PC and Play Station.
James is a current member of the Board

Australian Drummerboy 1992
Robert has been involved with the Sydney Leather community since the late 80’s as Run Captain for the Dolphin Motor Club coordinating club runs and events and an Associate Member of the Sydney Bondage Club. Winner of Local, State and National Drummer Boy competitions, he has represented Australia twice at International level in the Mr. Drummer/Drummer Boy Competitions in San Francisco both as competitor and invitational participant. 

Robert’s long list of credentials include being a driving force in the establishment of the first Forbes Street Fair and the then Sydney Leather Pride Week working on such diverse areas as the original incorporation, through to Inquisition Parties and the largest leather walking group in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade!

As a member of Mardi Gras Medical Committee, Robert team leads events providing care, treatment and retrieval for partygoers at events up to 20 000 and contributes to NSW Premier’s Department large event management strategies through that group.

In another guise, Robert is the connection between the Sydney Leather Community and the Sydney House of the International Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and promotes community history and awareness through regular history walks and the annual Sister’s Zoo Walk. With the members of the Sydney House, he led the athletes onto the field for Gay Games 2002, ‘Under New Skies’

Robert has judged for MG Medical volunteer of the year, San Francisco Leather Daddy, Sydney Mr. Leather and along with his partner/property/dogslave, WebDog 4.0, has formed 2/3rds of the SLPA’s Leather person of the Year judging committee on several occasions.

Day-to-day Robert works as a registered nurse


Melbourne Rubberman 2016

Liam Clark is the winner of the inaugural Melbourne Rubberman title – the first rubber title in the Southern Hemisphere. He is also a founding member of the Melbourne Rubbermen – a social group to get shiny Melburnians out together. 

After winning his title, Liam competed at the Mr International Rubber competition in Chicago, USA where he was the 1st Runner Up.

He also appeared on the ABC program ‘You Can’t Ask That’ in a special episode devoted to Kinks and Fetishes.

Originally from the border city of Albury-Wodonga, he started his fetish journey at the age of 8 after stealing a pair of chemical resistant latex gloves from his father’s shed. Many years later, Liam moved to Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs and thanks to Melbourne’s vibrant kink scene, was able to truly explore his kinks.

Liam is a self confessed “sporty fetish geek” and aside from rubber also has a strong passion for leather, sports gear and especially loves getting his tongue on a tall pair of shiny, leather boots.

In the ‘real world’ Liam works in media and communications – most notably as the co-host of an award winning Foreign Language Pop music show on Melbourne’s LGBTI radio station, JOY 94.9 and as the Head of Press for the Estonian delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2018 he became the producer of the Melbourne Rubberman contest and the subsequent Melbourne Rubber Week event – “Slick”.


Mr WoofClub 2014

Knut Larsen (Sir Loki) has been involved in the international leather community for almost thirty years. Born in Norway, Knut’s interest in leather began as a young man in Oslo and grew after visiting leather clubs in Berlin and Hamburg in his early twenties. After arriving in Australia in 2001 then moving to Sydney in 2005, this interest expanded, leading to his decision to embrace the leather community and its lifestyle.  He started attending leather events and became involved with Woof Club, later volunteering for them. 

He first visited International Mr. Leather in 2012 as an audience member and returned the following year as a volunteer.  It was through this time that he became a part of the North American and international leather community, being included into a wider family of leather folk.  In 2013 he started volunteer work for ACON, both at Bingay and as safe-sex tradie at dance parties.

In 2014 he received the honour of representing Woof Club as Mr. Woof Club Sydney. He competed in International Mr. Leather in Chicago that year and this opportunity inducted him into a network of leather brothers world-wide.  This is a network he maintains on an ongoing basis.

Through this time, Knut has endeavoured to keep the profile of leather alive in Sydney. He has done this with his work creating leather pop-ups at well-known bars up to 2015.  He was also a member of the Sydney Leather Pride Board.

Most recently, Knut has presented talks on Leather Culture for Studio Kink in Sydney on a regular basis.  He lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW with his husband and boyfriend.




Rudi’s interest and involvement in the leather community goes back over 20 years.  Rudi is originally from The Netherlands and has called Australia home for the last 26 years. 

Rudi has supported the leather community since he has been here both locally and overseas with his attendance at many events including IML, Belgium Leather Pride and Folsom Berlin on several occasions and marches with Sydney leather pride at Mardi Gras.  You may remember him as the wingman from the 2018 Mardi Gras with his gigantic black wings dressed in leather.

Rudi enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for leather with his fellow brother and sisters and never lets an opportunity go by where he can gear up in full leather.  He is a BLUF member 2075.

Rudi enjoys nothing more than gearing up and going for a bike ride and spends many nights at the gym keeping himself in shape.  When he needs unwind, you will find him behind a pottery wheel getting his hands dirty.

Rudi was a contestant for Mr Leather Sydney in 2008 where he lost the sash to Mr Alan Norman, a very worthy candidate.

Rudi won Mr Love Muscle 2007, a physique and leather muscle event

Executive Director KNOTBound

Rena’ Leigh first entered into BDSM in 1996 while living in Bozeman Montana, USA.  She built ties with communities in the East and West Coast before emigrating to Melbourne, Australia in 1998.  After being vetted by local community members, she became and continues to be an active participant in her community. 

The last 21 years have seen her developing her keen interest in D/s and her understanding of how to build ongoing healthy 24/7 Total Power Exchange relationships.
She has been a submissive, a 24/7 lifestyle slave, a Top and a Master in 24/7 M/s relationships.  She lives with her slave in the western suburbs of Melbourne while working as a Business Analyst and consultant for Corporations.  During her years as a Leatherwoman she has built personal ties around Australia, particularly in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide as well as Melbourne.

In 2005 Rena’ began an advanced real time discussion group called KNOTbound which explored the often difficult challenges we face as we live our Leather and alternative sexuality lifestyles.  In 2010 she began formally training submissives in both BDSM and Leather lifestyles and in 2011 took on her first dominant Leather trainee.  She continues to formally train both men and women in Leather and BDSM. 

In 2013 she became a founding member of VicLeather and supported the organization through its early years. 

Rena’s deep belief that education is a key component of living BDSM and Leather as a healthy lifestyle saw her begin teaching public classes on dominance and submission in 2015 and starting the Non-profit Organization, KNOTbound Ltd whose foremost purpose is to provide services to enhance, educate, connect and protect the people of our communities.

The Australian BDSM Archives, created under the KNOTbound banner in 2016, began its first year focused on securing equipment and getting the model right to collect, manage and maintain the Archives into the future.  Working with archivists from Canberra and Melbourne and an IT team in Adelaide.

The Archives, under Rena’s guidance as Executive Director, are built on a Board structure and gained Registered Charity status from the ACNC, joining a small handful of such charities around the world and a first for our communities in Australia. This is a strong, permanent foundation with a vision to preserve personal histories via video, audio files and personal journals; to printed materials such as books and magazines; to artefacts such as memorials, slave collars, clothing, pins and toys

Rena’ is an open and outspoken advocate of Leather and BDSM, speaking to people in all walks of life, from meetings with the Victorian Police to discussions with her work colleagues, about who we are and how we can co-exist in the world around us.

Through it all, Leather has been the core that has sustained her and given her the commitment and the energy to see things through.  Her Leather house and family continue to sustain her and the mutual support, core values and love of her Leather house membership is the bright light that guides her as she moves forward into another decade of living, loving and sharing in Leather.


Australian Mr Bootblack 2017

Rhys is the inaugural holder of Australian Mr Bootblack 2017 and this Runner up for International Mr Bootblack 2017. 

While discovering the bootblacking scene a little over 6 years he has found it a gateway to connect with not only his fellow community but the worldwide leather community and experience the walks of life and journeys of everyone who loves leather.

It is through this past year and his achievements he has been able to grow and better understand and importantly take away the ideals and values of every person who has walk in to the gates of leather.

As it is his belief above all else the community past and present is the heart and soul of leather


Entering the Melbourne Fetish community 20 years ago as a Fetish Model, KL moved into a leather lifestyle in 2010, but boots were already a passion for her! 

Learning at the feet of her Sir from 2009, she gained valuable skills that she wanted to share in public and has been active in finding all gendered spaces for bootblacks in Melbourne and beyond for the past 3 years. She has been running a bootblack education space called Show and Shine a bi-monthly event, since May 2016 and last year set up Boot Lounge with the support of a number of prominent bootblacks in Melbourne. This is a social event where bootblacks are the focus and get to share their talents with the wider LGBTIQA+ community in a non-gendered all-inclusive space at DT’s Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne.  

The + is because she is a writer, a publisher, a mother and a lover and juggling all of these, and her volunteer work in the community, takes mad skills.

After running for International Ms Bootblack contest in 2018 as the first female to stand for this international title, her passion for history led her to work more closely as a volunteer with the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives to research and write the only paper solely focusing on the history of bootblacks in Australia, which was first presented at Queer Legacies, New Solidarities Conference and ALGA’s 40th birthday in November 2018. She has also been gathering Leather Women’s oral histories in Australia for the past 2 ½ years.

She has been invited to present that paper on bootblack history at both the Lake Erie Bootblack Weekend in March 2019 and International Ms Leather and Bootblack in April 2019. KL is teaming up with Bootblack Nona from South Africa (the only other non- North American to run for the ImsBB title) to present a second workshop called from the “Southern Hemisphere to San Jose: journey of the bootblacks” at IMsLBB 2019 as well.  Recently she has joined the Dykes on Bikes Melbourne to diversify and educate further within the community about Bootblacking – oh and because of the bikes!