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New South Wales

Mark Alsop is one of the most influential and enduring club DJs in Australia’s gay history. He rose to prominence in the ’80s and ‘90s, headlining the huge and hedonistic dance parties staged by promoters such as RAT, Bacchanalia, Sweatbox, Pride and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG). His impact on the underground dance party culture from this era was glorified in “The 80’s are Back” Powerhouse Museum exhibition in 2010 — but far from being a museum piece, Mark remains as in-demand as ever, some 35 years after starting his DJ career.  
Following a stint training as an audio engineer at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Mark worked at legendary Sydney record stores Disco City and Central Station Records, leading to full-time DJ work. His audio engineering paved the way for his internationally released remixes and edits and has allowed him to keep his sound original by restructuring and re-editing in his home studio much of his club music. German website HotDiscoMix.com lists him as “one of the world’s best remixers and deejays” and Discogs lists his hundreds of remixes and edits released on independent and major labels internationally.  

Mark demonstrates a passionate and sustained commitment to the LGBTI community by promoting and volunteering his services at its fundraisers. A long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS (since 1984), Mark feels a great sense of duty to raise awareness and funds for his LGBTI family, making volunteer work an integral part of his professional practice from the very beginning of his career. Events he has lent his support to include: 

​Mark’s outstanding contribution to the LGBTI community was recognised by the 2011 ACON Honour Award in the category of Media, Arts and Entertainment. He won the inaugural Sydney Star Observer People’s Choice Award for Best DJ in 1989 and then again in 1990, as well as the final CAPS Award in 1990 (later known as the DIVA Award). 

 A love of house music has led to residencies at leading gay venues including The Colombian HotelManacleARQMidnight Shift, Club 45, The Flinders and The Taxi Club, as well as mixed venues suchas the CivicHotel (2001-2015) and Jackson’s on George (1999-2001). 
The list of community parties Mark has played at is impressive, taking in Mardi Gras (Party, Laneway, Sleaze Ball and Fair Day), Points of Difference Celebration, Barcode, Toybox, Queensland Sleaze Ball, Lismore Tropical Fruits, Paradise Garage, Frisky and All Gay Cruises. A popular figure within the Bear community, he performs for the Harbour City Bears, Bear Nation, Bearstock, and at Honey events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Mark has a long-time connection with the leathercommunity, performing at six Inquisition parties. \Outside of Australia, Mark has had gigs in Singapore, New Zealand (for the Out Games), Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and New Caledonia. 

 Mark has had guest spots on radio station 2SER, as well as being a presenter on his show MA15+ for BEAT FM, an LGBTI-themed station broadcasting from Leichhardt. Mark was recently featured on the ABC Radio National Earshot program Searching for Trough Man, an audio documentary detailing the history of Sydney’s gay party scene. He also featured in the 2017 book Music Wars: The Sound of the Underground, a history of the Central Station record label and stores as well as the 2008 publication Ambrosia: About a Culture – An Investigation of Electronica Music and Party Culture.
He has been interviewed (thrice) by SX Magazine and the Sydney Star Observer. His knowledge has been frequently used to vote in the Internationally recognised ARIA awards, which acknowledge outstanding achievement within the Australian recording industry.