2019 Contest Judges


Pierre Brand became involved in the Brisbane Leather scene around a decade ago with the local leather social club, BootCo. He won the title of Mr Queensland Leather in 2008, then went on to become the first Mr Australia & New Zealand Leather in 2009. With this title he competed at IML 31 in Chicago and finished in the top 20.

Pierre then took on the role of President of Boot Co in 2009 for the next 3 years. During his time as President he aimed to encourage younger members of the community to become more involved in the club. He also encouraged more of a variety of kink and fetishes with themed nights. It was also during this time that a lot of progress was made to include trans guys.

As Mr Qld Leather and later as President, he was closely involved in the birth of Brisbane Leather Pride. He also encouraged the pup scene in Queensland to grow and become more accepted.”

Pierre Brand

Mr Australia & New Zealand Leather 2009 (IML31)

David graduated United States Merchant Marine Academy 1972 and began working in International Offshore Drilling (oil) business in 1973 which lead to his first contact with Western Australia,In 1975, he moved from Britain to Philadelphia where his leather interest began and developed when he started working in Vallejo, CA, building an offshore drilling rig.in 1977. Consolidating his move to San Francisco that year, he met the legendary Mr. Marcus and Daddy Alan Selby, the original Mr. S, and explored life in his favorite bars Ambush, The Brig and Arena and experienced the rise & death of Harvey Milk and the White Night riots

In 1979 he won Mr. Leather San Francisco at BRIG, and went on to become the “first man to win a fetish title in the world” as the original IML in Chicago.

Working as Port Captain moving offshore rigs, David traveled extensively internationally with up to 70% travel He transferred to Aberdeen office (UK) in 1985 – offshore oil. Exploring Leather life in Edinburgh, Berlin (East and West) later transferring to Siracusa, Sicily, as Rig Manager where,” Life is quiet in Sicily but   there are chances to travel and find hot men into Leather in Rome (Hanger), Florence (Crisco), Milan (lo Stovale), bathhouse of Bologna”.

In 1986 he moved back to Houston TX and a year later started as Port Captain traveling the world from Alaska to Africa, Brazil to Australia. time which afforded “wild times and fantasies in many cities”

In 1998, David returned to San Francisco and continued his involvement in the Community, working as Volunteer Support for various organizations from Politics to Leather to the Arts:  3 Folsom Street Fairs, 3 Dore Alley Events and 2 SOMA Bare Chest Calendars.

He was a judge for the 1980 IML contest where Australia’s Patrick Brooks became the second IML”. David recalls “His sponsors, Link Leather, who outfitted Mel Gibson for Mad Max (the first movie) had one owner who became very special in my life. Volka Usow and I had a very special relationship that lasted from 1980 until his death.  It was a bond that lasted through distance and separation.  I still have his letters…

…Australia has always had a special place in my heart. I was privileged to travel throughout the country over the years visiting many locations such as but not limited to: Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Whitsunday Islands, Port Douglas, Cairns, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Eleanora, Ayres Rock, Perth, Karratha, Broome”

Through the years he has been Judging/Emceeing Contests from New York to Washington, California to Florida; small towns to larger contests and events like CLAW, Drummer, ILSb, ABW and IML. This year he adds Mr. Leather Israel to his impressive travelogue.

Outspoken concerning LGBT rights and the issue of Gay Marriage in the United States, David   featured in interviews for NY Times, SF Chronicle, Toronto Star, Ottawa Sun, Amnesty International, Omni television, Global News and PBS.  He was one of five featured in documentary which   highlights LGBT issues internationally, delivered in six languages and featured at: Manchester Film Festival, England; SFLGBT Film Festival.  Awarded Canadian Red Ribbon Award for Documentary.

David became a Canadian Citizen in 2008 and resides in Toronto with his husband of 16 years Remi Collette

He sums up his amazing journey as “Life has been good during 42+ years in the Leather Community, filled with adventure, family and fantasy trips beyond my wildest dreams. “

David Kloss

International Mr Leather 1979 (IML1)

Liam is a self confessed “Sporty Fetish Geek” from Melbourne. Originally from the rural city of Albury-Wodonga on the New South Wales/Victoria border, he began his fetish journey at the age of 8 after stealing a pair of chemical resistant latex gloves from his father’s shed and becoming obsessed with them.He describes himself as 60% Rubber and 40% Leather and has absolutely no time for dialogue that suggests that you cannot be into more than one fetish. His motto on the matter is “If it turns you on, put it on.”Liam was 1st Runner-up at International Rubberman 2017

Liam Clark

Melbourne Rubberman 2017

Robert has been involved with the Sydney Leather community since the late 80’s as Run Captain for the Dolphin Motor Club coordinating club runs and events and an Associate Member of the Sydney Bondage ClubWinner of Local, State and National Drummer Boy competitions, he has represented Australia twice at International level in the Mr. Drummer/Drummer Boy Competitions in San Francisco both as competitor and invitational participant.

Robert’s long list of credentials include being a driving force in the establishment of the first Forbes Street Fair and the then Sydney Leather Pride Week working on such diverse areas as the original incorporation, through to Inquisition Parties and the largest leather walking group in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade!

As a member of Mardi Gras Medical Committee, Robert team leads events providing care, treatment and retrieval for partygoers at events up to 20 000 and contributes to NSW Premier’s Department large event management strategies through that group.

In another guise, Robert is the connection between the Sydney Leather Community and the Sydney House of the International Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and promotes community history and awareness through regular history walks and the annual Sister’s Zoo Walk. With the members of the Sydney House, he led the athletes onto the field for Gay Games 2002, ‘Under New Skies’

Robert has judged for MG Medical volunteer of the year, San Francisco Leather Daddy, Sydney Mr. Leather and along with his partner/property/dogslave, WebDog 4.0, has formed 2/3rds of the SLPA’s Leather person of the Year judging committee on several occasions.

Day-to-day Robert works as a registered nurse

Robert Whitworth-Guy

Australian Drummerboy 1991

James Davidson is Australian Leatherman 2018. He hails from Adelaide South Australia where he a committee member of the Adelaide Leather and Fetish and Co-Organizer for the South Australian Pups and Handers.James volunteers for SAMESH (SA Mobilization + Empowerment for Sexual Health) a community sexual health organization. He was an organizer of the Inaugural Adelaide Fetish Weekend –GEAR’d

James enjoys socializing with other leathermen in the kink community. When organizing pup and handler events he particularly enjoys breaking in those new to the pup play.

When there is spare time James enjoys gaming on his PC and Play Station.

James Davidson

Australian Leatherman 2018 (IML40)




Rhys is the inaugural holder of Australian Mr Bootblack 2017 and this year’s runner up for International Mr Bootblack 2017.

While discovering the bootblacking scene a little over 7 years he has found it a gateway to connect with not only his fellow community but the worldwide leather community and experience the walks of life and journeys of everyone who loves leather.

It is through this past year and his achievements he has been able to grow and better understand and importantly take away the ideals and values of every person who has walk in to the gates of leather.

As it is his belief above all else the community past and present is the heart and soul of leather

 Rhys Lewis

Australian Mr BootBlack 2017 (IMBB25)


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