Luke Moon found his leather life thanks to a previous partner who said “I can show you the door but you have to jump on the slide!!”

The simple nudge in the right direction has led to growth and an awakening over the last decade, and the ability to meet and be touched by some of the world’s most amazing leather men, women, boys, and pups.

Luke was Laird Leatherman 2011, and has spent many years and countless hours working in community organisations including, The Antiviolence Project (the peak GLBT community organisation leading discussion on violence and its impact within and against the community); executive member of The Melbourne Charges Football Club (Gay Rugby), Founding Member and executive member of Victorian Leather Inc, executive member of Joy94.9, and numerous other LGBT organisations.

Luke currently lives in Melbourne, Australia where he works as Chief Financial Officer for a Global Retailer

Luke Moon

Laird Leatherman 2011 (IML35)

Jim currently hails from Seattle Washington where he lives with his partner when he’s not traveling for work.  He’s an avid leather-man with a growing interest in rubber and enjoys being a Dom/sub switch.  He believes a leather man or woman must always be eager to grow and in turn mentor others, and make their own path according to their desires.

He served in the US Marine Corps for 8 ½ years, and as gay military veteran, he has taken up the cause of being a peer mentor for fellow veterans and LGBT persons with a focus on improving their mental health and self-confidence.

Jim is politically involved and is a Federal Club Member of the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBTQI rights advocacy organization. He is also a member of the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) veteran’s advocacy organization, whose aim is to insure and improve the mental health and medical resources for veterans.

His kink memberships include the Seattle Men in Leather, as well as being a Voting Member of the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago Illinois. He also retains affiliation with the Imperial Court de San Diego, and San Diego Leather Pride as a former Mr. Gay Pride, & Mr. San Diego Leather titleholder, respectively as well as membership with the Brotherhood of the Medallion by finishing 6th at IML 38.

JIM Bluf

Mr San Diego Leather 2014 (IML38)

Liam is a self confessed “Sporty Fetish Geek” from Melbourne. Originally from the rural city of Albury-Wodonga on the New South Wales/Victoria border, he began his fetish journey at the age of 8 after stealing a pair of chemical resistant latex gloves from his father’s shed and becoming obsessed with them.He describes himself as 60% Rubber and 40% Leather and has absolutely no time for dialogue that suggests that you cannot be into more than one fetish. His motto on the matter is “If it turns you on, put it on.”

Liam was 1st Runner-up at International Rubberman 2017

LIAM Clark

Melbourne Rubberman 2017

An active member of the Melbourne Leather community for over 10 years, Brent has tread a distinctive path where Leather and lifestyle converge. As an artist and musician he has travelled extensively, openly presenting his experience as a gay leather man. His music and art are primarily focused on the visibility of his lifestyle, with the intent of both confronting and challenging his audience and peers on their perception of gay culture.

Beginning behind the scenes at Eagle Leather in 2010, Brent became a co-owner in 2017 and has played a key role in the manufacture of their leather clothing since opening their on site workshop in 2016. He is responsible for the creative aspects of the brand as well as designing and manufacturing leather gear alongside their head of production, Hanna Tusler.

Now in it’s 23rd year, Eagle Leather is an integral part of the Leather, Rubber and BDSM communities both in Melbourne and beyond, and in recent years has raised funds for the David Williams Fund, Beyond Blue, the Victorian Aids Council, the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, the LGBT Network Russia and many more.

 Brent Stegeman

Eagle Leather VICTORIA

“Webby” a deep history following her Army Service.  This has is a long-serving member of the community with wide experience from Dykes on Bikes to more recently as an Executive Member of SLPA, she continues to volunteer her time and energy to the Community.

Cheryl “Webby” Webster


Gerry Ebert

Australian Leatherman 2017 (IML39)

Rhys is the inaugural holder of Australian Mr Bootblack 2017 and this year’s runner up for International Mr Bootblack 2017.

While discovering the bootblacking scene a little over 6 years he has found it a gateway to connect with not only his fellow community but the worldwide leather community and experience the walks of life and journeys of everyone who loves leather.

It is through this past year and his achievements he has been able to grow and better understand and importantly take away the ideals and values of every person who has walk in to the gates of leather.

As it is his belief above all else the community past and present is the heart and soul of leather

 Rhys Lewis

Australian Mr BOOTBLACK 2017 (IMBB25)

Master Maddog is an Army veteran of 28 years’ service steeped in a tradition of service and loyalty. She has always been an active member of her local communities and looked to the welfare of those around her within various capacities.

Being a Leather Dyke, Daddy, Bear and Bootblack means being involved in many circles and different groups.

Never one to back away from a challenge, as well as having a passion for knowledge, education and improving the world around her, since retiring from military service, Master Maddog has been active in running education sessions, conducting bootblacking workshops and learning circles, in both Australia and New Zealand through various community support groups including VicLeather, Dykes on Bikes (Melbourne), The Laird Hotel, “Underground” NZ and fundraising for many local causes.

Master Maddog has a passion for animals. Currently has two therapy “staffies” (Staffordshire Bull Terriers) in training to specialise in PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

She currently volunteers around Melbourne, and Victoria, to assist and educate those about the need for more therapy animals in this specialist area. As well as championing for this often misunderstood breed.

Master Maddog

Australian Master– Master  (AMsC  2013)